Louis Hastings, a demon sent from hell

Louis Hastings was a demon sent from hell to resurrect the Antichrist.


After the death of Damien Thorn the original Antichrist, Louis Hastings a demon sent by Satan to help protect the biological daughter of Damien, Delia York.

When Delia York was eight years old, he removed the embryo of her infant brother which had been implanted into her for safe keeping. Hastings would secretly place it into Delia's adopted mother Karen's body and she would later give birth to a boy which is named Alexander York.

However, Hastings had just recreated Damien Thorn who was now reborn as his son Alexander York.

A few weeks later, after discovering that her baby son Alexander is actually a reincarnated version of Damien, Hastings is nterrogated by her, Hastings trying to protect the reborn Antichrist tries to her Karen with a gun but instead she impales him with a scapel into his head killing him.


In his human form, Hastings looks like a kinky old man in a doctor uniform.

But as a demon, he is a huge red being with tentacles at the side of his head, a big spike-like tail and a rotted dog's head for a face.

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