Major Chip Hazard

"We are the Commando Elite! everything else is just a toy." - Major Chip Hazard

Major Chip Hazard was the leader of the Commando Elite and the main antagonist of the movie "Small Soldiers".


Major Chip Hazard was a toy created by Larry Benson who was toy creator of company called Heartland Playsystems, which was later bought out by Global Tech. Industries. To make his toys seem more real, military computer chips were installed into the Commando Elite figures and the more peaceful Gorgonite figures.

The computer chips make Chip Hazard and the other Commando Elite figures alive, and ready to fufill their purpose to destroy the Gorgonites and their leader Archer.

Chip and the other Commando Elite figures and Gorgonite toys are placed in a small toy shop owned by Stuart Abernathy and his family who are trying to start a new life. Alan Abernathy who was looking after the shop soon discovered the truth about the toys and would help the Gorgonite leader Archer.

After failed attempts to kill Alan and Archer, the Commando Elite build their own armoured vehicles, and kidnap Alan's neighbour Christy Fimple. Alan and Archer rescue Christy but are then pursued down the street by the Commando Elite in heavily armed kit-bash vehicles, but they are all destroyed during the chase - except Chip who locates Joe's truck full of recalled Commandos.

Chip attacks the house with more Commandos equipped with large numbers of improvised vehicles and weapons, and a battle breaks out between the Commando Elite and the humans inside.

The normally peaceful Gorgonites exit the house and fight back against the Commando Elite. Chip flies to the top of the powerline pole to stop Alan, where he briefly battles and defeats Archer. But just as Chip claims victory, Alan seizes Chip and jams him into the powerline, triggering an EMP blast which kills Chip along with all of the remaining Commando Elite.