Kj mv mantes-k9
Mantes K9 was a Mechanical Beast from Mazinger Z VS Devilman. After 
Burragga S1Zaurus F1 and Demonga J5 are defeated by Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A the she demon Sirene wasacidently released in the wreakage. Dr. Hell recogniseing Sirene as a member of the demon race and decided to follow her, once she has landed in the[1]Himilayas Dr. Hell announced himself and sent out Mantes K9 to break the ice that was holding the demons. Sirenee thinking it a threat lunged at Mantes K9 but realised that her attacks were useless against its armour, Mantes then continued with its mission and released the demons. He is later destroyed by Mazinger Z in the final battle aboard his flying fortress.

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