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Marowak's ghost as seen in Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow.

"Get out…. Get out…." - Marowak Ghost

The Marowak Ghost was the spirit of a female Marowak who haunted the Pokémon tower in Lavender town.

When Team Rocket invaded the tower stealing Cubone's skulls and sell them for money, one female Marowak Mother tryed to protect her Cubone child but was killed by Team Rocket. As a result, the Marowak's ghost remained in the Pokémon Tower, forbidding access to the topmost floor. Later the game's player unmasks her with the Silph Scope and battles the Marowak. When defeated the Marowak Ghost is calmed and its spirit departs to the afterlife.

Allegedly this and the other Lavender Town myths have caused problems such as minor headaches to suicides by something in the music of Lavender Town, altogh no Suicide reports have ever been found so its possible that its just a hoax, that said the music is quite disconcerting.