Mean Machine Angel was a member of the infamous angel gang. Mean used to be a freindly meek boy, but the gang had him fitted with cybernetic enhancements so he would be like the rest of the family.

After Judge Dredd and Fergee's prison ship had been destroyed they were captured by the Angel Gang, which included Pa Angels second oldest son Mean.

When the two escape Dredd knocks him in the head turning his dial down to one, at the same time knocking him unconciouss. After the rest of the family has been killed and the ex Chief Judge Fargo shows up but is almost imediatley killed by Mean who had regained concioussness, angrilly Dredd taunts mean into chargeing at him, dredd sidesteps the attack and Mean gets his blade stuck in a cement block, when trapped Dredd pulls out some of the wires in his arms and electrocutes him with them.

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