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Mermane was the main antagonist of episode twelve of the Devilman anime series.


After being defeated by an unnamed sea demon, she was contacted by lord Zennon to try and kill Devilman, he tells her to go with Zannin.

She flies away and goes to a cave entrance where she attacks Zannin saying that she would never work with him before turning into water and flying away, but not before telling him that she would kill Devilman first.

Later after the Makimura's and Devilman arrive at a beach, Mermame sends a massive wave at them whilst driving along a bridge sucking them underwater.

Later Devilman and Miki awake to find themselves trapped inside a massive pearl clam demon, they try and escape but Mermame just mocks them, she says that by morning they would become pearls and in the meantime she was going to wreak the city, and with that she flies away.

Devilman escapes the Clam Demon and flies Miki to safety before going to deal with Mermame, meanwhile Mermame was flooding the city's streets with water watching the chaos from the top of a tall building, Devilman spots her and confronts her however he is knocked off by a burst of water, the two battle however Mermame drops her staff, the two run to grab it but before Mermame could she is knocked down and hit by Devilman, however the demonic staff spurts water at him knocking him away, Mermame then starts to hit him with her staff repeatedly.

Eventually during the fighting her staff is split into two, she swims away in retreat, Devilman follows and attacks, she turns her self into a foam like form and attempts to drown him, however Devilman uses his Devil Arrow and burns Mermame away into nothing.

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