The rangers faced Mermatron, a monster that resembles a sea creature when they entered the Shadow World. Mermatron is a female and so far have appeared twice only, once in Sorcerer of the Sands and Olympius Unbound. It is unknown if the rangers ever battled her before since she never appeared before those 2 episodes. Her soul was sucked by Olympius to get out of the Shadow world.


A female bat-winged siren/mermaid demon. This demon was exclusive to the video game.


  • Mermatron's costume is from the Super Sentai Saima Beast Golem Zairen's costume.
  • This costume was obviously reused in Power Rangers: Wild Force only the wings for the Mut-Orgs, Kired who appeared with the other 2 Mut-Orgs in the Time force + Wild Force teamup.
  • Mermatron's Japanese counterpart's elemental type is water.
  • Her Super Sentai creator was Princess Venus of the Saima Clan who is Vypra's Super Sentai Counterpart.
  • Her name comes from the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue video game, where she also appears.

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