A Dalek Metaltron

The Metaltron breaks free of its prison

"The Daleks survive in me!" - The Metaltron


The Metaltron was a Dalek who had survived the Time war just the Doctor used his inferno which destroyed both the Time Lords and the Daleks.

It fell through time and landed on Earth on Ascension Island around 1962. Driven insane, it shut itself off, putting its shields up to maximum. It passed through several private collections in the 20th and 21st centuries.

In 2012 it was under the owenership of American Billionaire Henry Van Statten who kept it in a underground vault beneath his alien museam. Where he gave it the name "Metaltron", here it was tortured being forced to speak. The Metaltron sent out a distress signal unaware that the Dalek race has been extinct for years.

The Ninth Doctor and his female companion Rose trace the signal and enter the vault. Coming to its aid, the Doctor realised it was a Dalek and tortured it himself. It pretended to Rose that it was a harmless victim and she touched it. Absorbing her DNA, the Dalek regenerated and escaped. It downloaded all the data available on the Internet and killed Simmons its human torturer. Now restored it decides to kill all human life and begins its attack. The vault guards try to kill it, but their guns prove useless and are exterminated.

The Dalek finally located van Statten, and nearly killed him, but was halted by Rose. Rose had some sway over the Dalek's actions as it had absorbed her DNA to regenerate itself and escape its captivity. A side effect of this absorption was an awakening of its emotions. Though the Ninth Doctor threatened to destroy the Dalek with an alien weapon, he was also stopped by Rose, who showed him the Dalek's change.  The Dalek ended its emotion-induced pain by self-destructing, killing it.

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