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Mister Sweet was a Red Leech that had somehow survived extintion from the Cretacious Period. 

It was discoverd by a river in 1893 by Winifred Gillyflower an insane, sadistic yet incredibly rich elderly lady, she allowed it to use her as a host feeding her his "Nectar". Useing Gillyflowers money the pair open Sweetville a some town were only the most perfect and beautiful could live, however useing the Red Leech Venom they were brianwashed into midless drones, however many also died dureing the operation. He planned to place a vial of the venom in a rocket and have it explode over Yorkshire letting only the strongest survive. However the Doctor and Clara Oswald with the help of Strax, a Sontaran, Madam Vastra, a Silurian and Jenny Vastras lesbiean lover and house maid, manage to remove the vial from the rocket, Gillyflower tries to shoot them but  is shot at by strax knocking her from a great height, as she dies Sweet abandons her but before it can get away it is smashed to death with a cane by Ida Gillyflower the much abused daughter of Winifred who had been blinded by the duo experiments on her.

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