A drawing of Mokele-mbembe

In the jungles of central Africa countries of Congo, Cameroon, and Gabon are reports of animal an animal with a long neck, a long tail, and rounded shape tracks with three claws. The closest known animal that has these characteristics is a sauropod dinosaur. The creature is called Mokele-mbembe has been seen by many natives who describe it as aggresive and rams into canoes in the river. While scientists disagree that it can't be a dinosaur the eye witness accounts of the creature perfectly resemble a dinosaur, even footprints of the creature  have been found.

When some of the local people of the Likouala region would draw in the dirt or sand a representation of Mokele-mbembe they drew the shape of a sauropod dinosaur. Then when they were shown a picture of a sauropod dinosaur they said that picture is Mokele-mbembe.

Evidence of the creature continues to gather and a confirmed sighting could come some and prove that some dinosaurs may still be alive in remote area's.

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