Victor Fries (Comics)

Victor Fries (a.k.a. Mr. Freeze) was a successful and well known scientist in Gotham City when his wife Nora became ill with a terminal illness, Victor put her in Cyrogenic suspension so he had time to find a cure. Whilst experimenting he accidentally fell into a large vat of Cyro Fluid fifty degrees below zero, he survived but became dependent on a special suit similar to his wife's freezer. He started to become desperate and began robbing banks and museum's for diamonds for his Freezing Engine, a massive ice cannon. During one of his heists he was caught by Batman who sent him to Arkham Asylum. Luckily for him Poison Ivy broke him out and the two formed an alliance, unknown to Freeze however Ivy almost murdered his wife who blames it on Batman. Freeze finally finished his Freezing Engine and started to encase Gotham in ice when Batman, having defeated Ivy battle on top of the Engine until Batman gets the upper hand and defeats Freeze, Batman shows Freeze a video of Ivy unplugging his wife, Freeze gives Batman a special cure for his butler who was suffering from the same illness as Nora and willingly lets himself be sent back to Arkham were he would work on Nora's cure and he meets up with Ivy again, promising in his own words "Is going to make her life a living hell".


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