250px-Bone vampire

Mr. Peppy was a Bone Vampire that was saved as an egg from being eaten by Leela by Fry, Fry looks after the egg till it hatches in about a week into a small acid spitting pet acting much like a dog only flame spewing and corrosive acid spitting, after it gets to about seven foot and acidentaly tearing off the robot Benders arm it is decided that Mr. Peppy should be taken to live in solitary on the planet Doohan 6 were it can give birth asexually to young Bone Vampires. However when they let it go it apparently goes on a rampage killing the livestock of Doohan 6 so the residents of the planet plan to hunt it down and kill it, the Planet Express crew join them and find what they think to be Mr. Peppy but turns out to be one of the locals in disguise trying to gain more respect for himself, Mr. Peppy does then show up but before fry is forced to shoot him the locals say they could use him to remove the bone from livestock and sell the meat to fast food company, so they allow Mr. Peppy to live among them on Doohan 6.

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