Power, cunning, henchmen, fangs, and by god what a snappy dresser he is. Myotismon is without a doubt the most evil and one of the strongest villains ever to curse any world. A ruthless vampire king with Digimon attacks strong enough to cripple any creature. Myotismon arrived in a sea of bats, giving orders to his bumbling henchmen DemiDevimon. Not much is known about his past. When Gatomon was still Salamon, she ran across Myotismon who punished her for looking at him with "those eyes". Eventually, Myotismon beat her enough to make her his slave as she became Gatomon. Personality wise, Myotismon is not one who is easily rattled. Myotismon talks big and plans big, and has the power to back up his talk. Using human blood to keep himself life, Myotismon works in secrecy and prefers solitude than anyone else's company. Ever since he first appeared, Myotismon has never cared about ruling the Digiworld, as he has always longed for the Real world. When the Digidestined crests began to glow, Myotismon escaped into the real world through a dark gate to find the 8th child, Kari. Eventually, Myotismon caught Kari and her Digimon, Gatomon. During a long and very hard battle, Wizardmon was killed by Myotismon, giving his life up to save Kari and Gatomon. This caused Gatomon to become Angewoman and supposedly kill Myotismon for good. But he came back as a giant monster called VenomMyotismon and killed DemiDevimon. The Digidestined and their Mega Digimon eventually killed VenomMyotismon seemingly for good. Yet again Myotismon was later to be revealed as the mastermind behind the Season 02 master plan. He hid in Oikawa's body as a spirit until he was strong enough to transform into MaloMyotismon. But his new powers and abilities were unable to fool the new Digidestined, and he was finally destroyed once and for all by the power of every Digidestined on Earth.

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