Obakuron (オオバクロン Ōbakuron?, 30): A tapir monster hailing from South America. He is heard of from a report from Kamen Rider Amazon and calls himself "The Prince of the Amazon". He disguises himself as a transfer elementary school student from Brazil named Yumetaro (literally "Dream Boy") Asano "Telekinetic Boy" using his mystical powers to earn authority and then hypnotize all of Yayoi Elementary School to indiscriminately kill, depriving them of sleep as a sadistic joke. In his human form he possesses formidable acrobatic feats like jumping off a building and telekinetically lifts objects by shrugging his cheek. The rest of his powers which can be exhibited in monster and human form. One includes dream manipulation, using his trunk to consume dreams and leave hypnotic-suggestive nightmares. (the trigger is a school bell) The trunk can be elongated and sprays a levitation gas (though the main effects are said to be for poison and paralysis). His right hand is a giant claw (or hand in human form) and can be strung like a harp to control his victims. Finally, he can transform into a levitating pipe to attack. After a failed attempt at burying him alive, Oobakuron sends Tsukuba Hiroshi a death invitation to his birthday party. He fails again miserably having his telekinetic powers rendered useless by Skyrider's Telekinesis Counter Rider Spin. He is further rendered weak by having his green blood squeezed out from his claw in a leghold by Skyrider. Destroyed by Skyrider's Finishing Mid-air Lightning Drop, leaving his body buried half underground before exploding.