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"The circle must be broken!" - The Ood

The Ood are a race of humanoid aliens with a cluster of tentacles on the lower portions of their face. They have no vocal cords so they speak telepathy through a small sphere which they carry. Since the Ood are not a violent race, they are normally kept as slaves by the human race in the 42nd centuary. Some humans known as "Freinds of the Ood" wish to free them from slavery, but some want to keep them as slaves. Although they are not evil, if possesed or infected they are dangerous and may kill humans with their spheres.

Ood elder

Ood Elder

The 10th Doctor and his companion Rose, meet a group of Ood on a faraway moon station in the future, these Ood were then infected by a unkown plague which cause them to get red eyes and turn against their owners which usually ends in killing them. The unkown source which infected the Ood turned out to be a strange creature known the beast, or the devil. Luckily the Doctor stopped it and the infected Ood.

The Doctor meet them again later on their home planet and came to realize their captivity as slaves, the Doctor with his friend Donna managed to free them in the end and heal the red eyed Ood. The Ood now remain as a ally to the Doctor. The freed Ood and the Ood elder also warned the Doctor of the Master's return.


Sensorites ood

Ood and Senorite.

  • The Ood resemble something from the old Lovecraftiean stories, which was confirmed in 2007.
  • The Ood are mostly a remake of the cretaures from the Sensorites.

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