The Piranhatrons are alien fish-like humanoids that are the basic soldiers used by Divatox as minions in her evil plans.

There are approximately 100-200 Piranhatrons in Divatox's employ based on her Subcraft/Space. Piranhatrons have their own language which is very similar to the sounds uttered by the Putty Patrollers. No matter what plan Divatox would implement, the Piranhatrons were usually involved somehow. They would often be called upon to engage the Power Rangers Turbo in battle by themselves or in conjunction with a monster. Piranhatrons can teleport. Piranhatrons are trained in the use of a variety of weapons. Among these are hammers, spears, and wrist mounted gauntlets that fire blasts of energy. An army of Piranhatrons and Quantrons was used in Dark Specter's Universal Takeover commanded by Elgar on Earth battling the civilian citizens of Angel Grove and eventually all of them were destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave.

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