250px-Prime Minister of the Daleks
The Prime Minister of the Daleks was leader of the Parliament of the Dalek's. He spoke in a more human and civilised voice than most Daleks. He did not have any sort of armor or weaponry, and was housed in a giant glass tank.

Asylum of the DaleksEdit

The Prime Minister orderd the capture of Rory Williams, Amy Pond and the Doctor, and sent the group to the Dalek Asylum so they could shut off the force field surrounding it. Once Oswin deactivates the force field the Prime Minister ordered the firing of the missiles destroy the Asylum, but not before the group had escaped. Afterwards, when the Doctor reveals to the Daleks that he teleported back to the Tardis, the Prime Minister is heard asking the first question along with all the other members of the Parliament of the Daleks.

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