A two princess

The Two Princes

The Princes in the Tower are the ghosts of two young children who were murdered in the bloody tower at the Tower of London.


The two boys were Edward V of England and Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York. The two brothers were the only sons of Edward IV of England and Elizabeth Woodville alive at the time of their father's death and heir to the throne.

At ages 12 and 9 they were moved to reside at the Tower of London under the protection of their uncle Richard. For months they were seen playing on the tower walls and in their room. However in autumn 1483 they vanished. Their fate remains a mystery and their Uncle Richard would become King of England.

In 1674, workmen remodelling the Tower of London dug up a wooden box containing two small human skeletons. The skeletons were aged around 12 and 9 the ages of the missing princes. There bodies were buried in Westminister abbey.

Today, staff at the Tower sometimes report seeing two ghosts of two boys holding hands walking in the Bloody tower before fading away. To many these are the ghosts of the two princes, betrayed and brutally murdered they stalk the tower.

They are among the many ghosts which haunt the tower.

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