Putty Thing
Dak aka Putty Thing is a reccuring villain in The Mask: The Animated Series.


Dak and his best friend Eddie were both teenage slackers who hang around the Slurb and Lube Store. One day, they were  kicked out by Kellaway who stated that the store was no library. They both decided to get revenge on Kellaway by going to a nuclear plant with a bug so they could be mutated just like their idol Insector the Bugman. Dak and Eddie went to the nuclear plant and got themselves radioactive. But, they realized that both of them forgot the bug and fainted. An ambulance arrives and drives the two teenagers to the hospital. On the way, the ambulance crashed and Dak's strecther falls into a spackle shop. After falling into a spackle shop, Dak mutates into a putty monster. He later decides to wreck stuff with Eddie who mutates into a fish. The police arrive to deal with them but Putty Thing managed to defeat them with ease. However, the Terrible Twos were defeated by The Mask using canola oil in the end. Putty Thing also appeared in "Martian Mask" and "Santa Mask." TriviaPutty Thing is a parody of the Batman villain Clayface.He is voiced by Cam Clarke.

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