Rahzar just after his mutation

Rahzar was originally a Cyber Foot Ninja who served the Cyber Shredder and Master Khan.


Rahzar is a giant wolf creature with blue veins.


Rahzar and his friend Tokka were Cyber Foot Ninja's loyal to the Cyber Shredder and Master Khan.

After the defeat of the Cyber Shredder, Rahzar with his friend Tokka and most of the other surviving Cyber Foot Ninja's joined Karai daughter of the Utrom Shredder Ch'rell.

When Ch'rell was rescued by the 1987 Shredder, a vast amount of the Cyber Foot Ninja's are turned into mutants for his disposal against the Turtles. Rahzar himself is among the first of the loyal Foot transformed into a hidious wolf like creature.

Rahzar and the rest of the mutated horde along with the new robotic Foot soldier's. Rahzar, Tokka and the other mutants were knocked out when the Turtles crashed their blimp on top of the horde.

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