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Ramarak is the main antagonist of the 2017 action/adventure film Kong: Skull Island. He is the leader of the Skullcrawlers, a predatory species who had destroyed Kong's species.


Ramarak is responsible for the extinction of Kong's species, and is the most feared creature on Skull Island, and who has been looking for Kong to kill.

Kong: Skull IslandEdit

During the attempted assassination of Kong by Preston Packard, Ramarak appears from the lake and heads quickly to Kong, who kills Preston and begins to fight against him while Conrad escapes. Ramarak then manages to find them and begins to persecute them. One of the members of the Sky Devil tries to sacrifice himself but he throws him away and the explosion does not manage to kill him. After he begins an intense battle against Kong while Conrad escapes with the survivors. Ramarak manages to hurt Kong and he is chained to a ship and when trying to kill, he is distracted by Marlow and Brooks. When provoked, he goes towards the Boat but Weaver manages to distract him with a shot of flare in the Eye, and Kong uses to hit him with a motor of boat using it as a weapon, which he later defeats him by cutting his neck and throwing him to Weaver where he falls to the lake. Kong to be moved because previously she made contact with him, is going to rescue her, and is attacked by Ramarak who survived to the wound. In an attempt to kill Weaver he swallows the arm of Kong, but Kong with his forces manages to remove it and extracting all the interior of the Ramarak's skull, killing him.

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