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Vital statistics
Full name Razorback boar
Gender Male
First appearance Razorback (1984)
Faction Mammal monsters
Origin Australian Outback
Powers Teeth, speed, great strength, head
Status Deceased
Killed by Carl Winters
Razorback is the titular antagonist in the 1984 movie with the same name.


Late at night when Jake Cullen is putting his two year old nephew to sleep he hears something outside, and goes to investigate, only to have a gigantic boar smash throgh his home killing and eating the child.

2 years later a wildlife reporter Beth Winters goes to the same town to investigate kangaroos being sold as dogmeat, but when the two brothers Benny who is not as menaceful as his brother Dicko who is a complete pshycopath, and leave her in the desert to be killed by the beast. Her partner Carl who had proposed to her before she died goes to investigate, and meets the two brothers who take him on a hunting trip and after killing a kangaroo, they leave him to skin it for cooking. During whitch he falls asleep and has an odd dream. When he awakes he is being chased by dozens of regualr razorbacks who chase him two a windmill, and when theyre about to go in or the kill they all flee.

Afterwards Carl wanders aimlesly throgh the desert, having an even stranger dream sequence, and comes across Sarah who is a freind of Jake's whos soul ambition is to kill the razorback that ruined his life.

When Jake goes to hunt it he is attacked by Dicko he stabs both his legs so he is unable to walk, and after he crawls into a tin building he is attacked and killed by the boar, never getting the revenge he so wanted.

After finding the body carl sees the evidence of what Dicko did and goes the factory, attack his brother Benny and pushes him down a short hole in the ground. Afterwards Jake awaits for dicko who he has a batlle with him before the razorback chases and kills dicko. Then Sarah arrives searching for jack the pig chases her into the factory and she dissapears, Carl now enraged stabs a metal pole through its throat and then lures it into a ginormous fan letting it be sliced up into pieces. Afterwards he finds Sarah and all is well and the task is done.




Razorback kills Dicko00:59

Razorback kills Dicko

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