A Re-animated Foot Soldier dating to Feudal Japan

The Re-animated Foot Soldier's were deceased Foot Ninja's brought back to life as zombies by the Tengu Shredder.


They were originally Foot Ninja's who served the Foot Clan, they are a mix of the different verients of Foot Ninja's who died in battle throughout the centuries.

When the Tengu Shdredder launched his war on New York city in an attempt to take over the world, he resurrected many demons and the fallen Foot Ninja's.

Some were from feudal Japan who served the Tengu Shredder, a few were from the reign of the Utrom Shredder Ch'rell and others were the Foot Ninja's who served under Karai.

They proved to be quite formiddible in battle but could be destroyed with primitive weapons and Mystic weaponary. They battled against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their aliies in a attempt to defeat the Shredder. The remaining zombie Foot Ninja were eventually put to rest by the Tengu Shredder when he took his army's power to recover after the Turtles attacked him.

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