Red King is an Ultra monster from the show Ultraman. He is one of the popular and famous monsters, similar to Gomora. He is known for his super strength and power.

Powers and Abilities

  • Physical Strength - Red King is very strong.


Red King's feet are tender, so they can be attacked to beat him.


Red king showa
Red King is a monster that lived on an island along with many monsters includeing Pigmon , MagularChandora and the Sunflan. He i first seen battleing Chandora, Magula observes the battle from a distance.Red King rips off Magular's wing and lets the monster flee.  Later the Science Patrol came to find several scientists that had gone missing, the group split up and Fuji and Ide find and they found Pigmon who led them to the last living scientist.  Hayata and Muramatsu are attacked by  Magular but Akira just throws some grenades in the beasts mouth blowing off its head. They all regroup but as they flee Red King attacks them, Pigmon tries to distract him but Red King hurles a large rock at Pigmon and crushes him, Hayata summons Ultraman to fight. Ultraman and Red King battle, and after a long fight he finally beats the Kaiju to death.

Later another Red King is seen when it is awakend by a mysterious comet.