250px-Ultrmn Rd Kng II

Red King II was one of the monsters awakened by the radiation of  a rogue comet that nearly collided with Earth. Whilst Dorako and Gigass are fighting, Red King II smashes his way through a mountain side and joins in the fight. He tears off Dorako's wings. Dorako then died of his injuries and Red King II started fighting with Gigass. After a brief battle Gigass fled. Later on Gigass was killed by the Science Patrol. Hayata summons Ultraman and the two begin to fight but it is soon revealed that the titan had previously swallowed six long lost Hydrogen Bombs that had gotten stuck in his gullet. The two continue to fight but Ultraman is carefull to avoid contact with the beast. Eventually when the beast is tired out and Ultraman uses two of his Ultra Slashes and cuts him in three pieces. He then carries of the head that had the bombs and threw it into space allowing them to explode in space harmlessly above Earth.

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