Rhino Blaster
"You've been sidelined, Power Rangers! Hit the showers!"

Rhinoblaster was created by Finster to battle the Power Rangers. Aided by a group of powerful Football Putties, Rhinoblaster easily defeated five of the Rangers and sent them to the Multi-Dimensional Vortex via a mist from his nostrils. He was then challenged by the Green Ranger, and after a quick fight, Rita made him grow. Rhinoblaster battled the DragonZord until Tommy threw the Dragon Dagger into the mist, allowing the other Rangers to escape their imprisonment. The MegaDragonZord was formed, which then vaporized Rhinoblaster. Rhinoblaster was later seen as a hallucination created by the Trumpet Top monster, trying to wear the Rangers out in battle. The real Rhinoblaster was later seen in Lord Zedd's graveyard dimension, assisting in fighting Tommy, Billy, and Kimberly, though a single kick from the Pink Ranger was enough to topple the rhinocerous monster. Rhinoblaster was later resurrected by Finster as a part of a large group of monsters sent to keep the Power Rangers trapped within the abandoned Specter Theater, where they were powerless. As the other monsters attended Rita and Zedd's wedding, Rhinoblaster and Peckster stayed behind to watch the Rangers. When the Rangers managed to escape, the two creatures grew to giant size and battled the Thunder Zords until the Rangers were returned to the Theater. Eventually, the two beasts were trapped in a net by the Rangers, who then escaped. For some reason, Rhinoblaster did not take part in the ensuing battle royale against the Thunder Zords. Rhinoblaster was last seen as one of the endless creatures trying to escape the Shadow World.

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