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Saylos was a powerful demon general of a small demon army, he only appears in Amon: Apocylpse of Devilman.

Amon: Apocylpse of DevilmanEdit

In the OVA, Saylos is first mentiond by Yumi after getting back from a scouting mission saying that he was going to kill Akira and the other Devilmen, not long after Akira Fudo had found the dead decapitated bodies of Miki and Tare Makimura. However, almost immediately after Saylos and his demons crash through the roof of their hideout, he demands that Akira join him or die with the others but Akira full of rage loses control of his feelings and releases Amon the Demon Akira had originally gotten all his powers from. The hideout is destroyed and Amon kills Yumi, and Saylos sends an armada of his followers to try and kill Amon. Unfortunately, for them, Amon is too strong and kills many demons before there were only four left. He finds the Devilman Miko trapped under some rubble and moves into kill her but notices the demons flee. Instead of killing Miko, he flies after two of the demons and massacres them. Saylos kills the other two for fleeing from the fight. Just as Amon comes, the two fight across the city. Saylos cuts throgh several buildings with his Devil beams but Amon throghs a train at him knocking him out of the sky, eventually Amon snaps Saylos wrists flies up and impales him with his fist through his stomach killing the demon. 


  • Possibly based upon the Yautja from the Predator movies.
  • Fewture made a Saylos figure. Unfortunately, it's probably the worst in the line.

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