See Monster
"The Eyes have it!"

After a fight between the Rangers and the Tenga Warriors, which the Tengas lost, Rita wanted to fight back. With Lord Zedd busy fighting the White Ranger, she had Finster create a monster to battle the Rangers, and so he sent See Monster. Assaulting the Rangers with telepathic waves from his numerous eyes, See Monster's attack was foiled when Rocky visualized pushing the waves away, then attacked See Monster and told the others to do the same. When Rita summoned the Shogun Zords, See Monster teleported away, but when the Rangers gained control of the Zords, an enraged Zedd made See Monster grow. Blasting the Zords with energy beams from his eyes, See Monster soon found himself face-to-face with the Shogun MegaZord, which destroyed See Monster with the Fire Saber. See Monster was later chosen by Master Vile as one of the five toughest monsters to invade Angel Grove along with Professor Longnose. After briefly fighting Delphine, the White Aquitian Ranger, See Monster was grown to giant size, and fought the Aquitians' Battle Borgs. When Longnose was destroyed, See Monster teleported away, and hasn't been seen again.

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