Ariados shiny
A special and rare shiny Ariados is an anime only Pokemon that appeared in the first episode of the Pokemon spin off series Hiraki - Setting of on a new Journey (Hiraki is Dawns origonal name.), were it is the leader/queen of a large group of Ariados. when Dawn and her feind Shinko chase after a Piplup and Chimchar, they find the two Pokemon caghut up in a large web, Dawn releases them by destroying the web, just as the Ariados horde get back. The Ariados attack but are beaten back by Dawn's Pokemon but are then beaten back by the Shiny Ariados useing Psychic stopping the girls in their track. The other Ariados then use String Shot and tightly tie up the two girls so its was impossible for them to escape. Luckily or unluckily which ever way you look at it, Dawn's Cyndaquil evolves into a Quilava and attacks the angry Ariados and blows them away into the sky useing Eruption.

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