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During the events of the film dreamscape, a young boy called buddy is being harrased by nightmares, one of witch involves a horrifying snake man, alex a psycic goes into his dream to help, he metts buddy who tells him about the snake man the snakeman then grabs buddy throgh the window but lets go. they run and encounter budys father, he refuses to help and they leave him, they find the cealler only to see his father get ripped to pieces, they proceed down the almost eternal stairs and reach the cellar only to be attaked by the snake man who grabs alex, buddy picks up an axe and hacks it to pieces chopping off its head were it falls into the well.later on tommy the pshycopathic coullege of alex attempts to assasinate the president, but alex stops him, tommy throws mutaed zombies and demonic dogs after them before turning into a horrific replica of the snakeman it goes after tehm and starts to fight alex, it gets the upper hand but alex morphs into tommy father distracting him, giving enough time for the president to stab a rusty pipe through his body killing tommy almost instantly.