Spellbinder (The Batman)
Spellbinder was a criminal that was located in Gotham City he could create hypnotic illusions to whomever he chooses.

Spellbinder comes to Gotham City starting his crime wave by useing his hypnotic powers to control the butlers and maids of all of Gothams eliete he uses them  to steal their masters riches around the house and bring them back to him. Among the pepole he hypnotised was Bruce Waynes butler Alfred Pennyworth, later he went on to control the actual minds of several of Gothams richest into giving him their goods directly and none of them remember having do it afterwards. Later he finds out about the highly valubale jewel named the Eye of Sarkana in which Spellbinder sees as an ultimate prize, he breaks into the museam showing the Eye of Sarkana and trys to steal it, however he is confronted by Batman man and the two fight, Spellbinder throws a handfull of horrorfying Batman, but not enough to fully distract him and with a perfectly timed and placed punch was able to knock the villianous magician out.</span>

Much later on Spellbinder was captured by the vigilante known as Rumor and was going to be killed along with all the other criminals captured by Rumor but was luckily saved when Batman defeated Rumor.

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