from the harryhausen classic "Jason and the argonauts" talos was one of the main obstacles in jasons journey.


talos chases the crew

when landing on the island of bronze, jason orderd his men not to disturb the tresures of the island, unfortantly hercules did not heed jason warning and sucseed in awakeing talos when he tried to steal an ancient golden pin. althogh big in size it was slow meaning the crewmen were quick in

RayHarryhausen JasoAndTheArgonauts 0 (26)

The death of Talos

running from the iorn giant. jason looked to hera the ancient greek godess of wisdom who directed him to an large oval peg on talos right foot. jason bravely goes up close to talos and removes the peg realeseing gallons of boiling water, and after gasping for air talos fell down into pieces.

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