Tarman is a zombie from the film Return of the Living Dead.



Tarman was one of the three zombies from the three canisters, held in the morgue when one of the canisters is accidentally opened. It releases a gas which resurrects Tarman. The two workers believing it to have died when the canister erupted but instead he hid in the basement. Later on a group of teenagers including punks, emos go into the morgue looking for Freddy who was one of the employees that inadvertently awakened the zombies and who was himself turning into a bloodthirsty zombie. One of the group went into the basement, she was attacked by Tarman and she hid in a cupboard. She managed to lock it so Tarman used his surroundings to make a pulley, but he hears a noise and hides. The rest of the group go down and the girl runs from the cupboard and tells them to run but the group's leader Suicide sees something and rips away a curtin only to have Tarman popout and eat his brain, causing the rest of them to flee. Much later on the group now shortened to six and split up into a group of two and four. The larger group go back to the morgue and find Tarman still lurking in the cellar. One of the group has them open the cellar door letting Tarman attack, but the strongest of the group Spider, knocks the head of Tarman, ending its zombie fulled rampage.