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The Tenga Warriors were viscious, bird-like creatures brought to the moon by Rito Revolto. Given to Rita and Lord Zedd as a late wedding gift, the Tengas quickly replaced the Z-Putties as their main foot soldiers. Called the most ferocious creatures on this side of the universe by Rita, the Tengas were too strong for the Rangers to fight unmorphed, making it neccessary to fight them in Ninja Ranger mode. Despite their superior strength and ability of flight, the Tengas weren't that much smarter than Putties and were easily beaten by the Ninja Rangers time and time again. When Master Vile arrived on the moon, he brought with him a sack full of food for the Tengas (which looked like snakes), greatly enhancing their strength, forcing the Rangers to upgrade to Metallic Armor mode. When the Machine Empire arrived and drove Zedd and Rita off the moon, the Tengas went with them. The Tengas weren't seen again until much later, when Rita and Zedd summoned them to help capture the Gold Ranger. When King Mondo arrived, a massive battle erupted between the Tengas and the Cogs. It ended up being a battle neither side could win, and both groups were decimated. When Zedd and Rita attended Dark Specter's conference on the Cimmerian Planet, they took some Tengas with them, as well as Z-Putties. A few Tengas were later seen on the planet Onyx. Oddly, no Tenga Warriors were present in Zedd and Rita's army in the Vica Galaxy.

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