4 Tenga Warriors

Formed out of a glob of ooze spit up by Ivan Ooze, the Tengu Warriors were viscious, bird-like creatures sent to destroy the powerless Rangers on the planet Phaedos. Upon arriving, the Tengu were more than a match for the Rangers, and nearly killed them before Duclea, the Master Warrior of Phaedos, intervened. Beating the Tengu off the Rangers, Dulcea soon twirled her staffs around, creating a loud whistling sound that drove the monstrous birds away. Upon returning to Earth, the Tengu reported their failure to Ivan, describing their assailant to him. Ivan quickly recognized their description as Dulcea, and realized that she would lead the Rangers to the Great Power. In a fit of rage, Ivan released a blast of his energy bolts, striking the Tengu Warriors and destroying them in a burst of sparks and feathers.

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