As Akira and Ryo are driving back from Ryo's home in his car, they are attacked by three demons, one of which being Texsch. Texsch leaps and grabs onto the roof of the car and trys to crush it, Akira reluctantly trys to kill her by shooting her in the head with Ryo's sawn off shotgun, but before he was able to Texsch trys to strangle him with a tentacle, Ryo cuts it off with a knife then shoots her in the head himself. She starts to laugh and falls from the car. She quickly gets back up and chases them back into Ryo's home were she smashes through the window and hunts them down through the house along with an unidentified Spider Demon but loses them when Ryo and Akira go into the Black Sabbath party. Ryo had hidden in the house.

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