The Runner is the only Xenomorph from Alien 3. A stray Face Hugger impregnates Ripley with a queen embryo,and after the ship crashes on the prison planet it moves on to a Yak like creature (in the theatrical version its a rottwiler, Alien 3 chronoligy is very confuseing), later on a funeral is held for Lt. Hiks and the young girl Newt, their bodies are cremated in the furnace in case they had been impregnated by the Face Hugger, at the same time the runner Chestburster starts to erupt from the Yaks stomach, once fully hatched it runs off to explore, later on prisoner Murphy is cleaning the air vents when he see's the Runner hideing in a small vent when he trys to touch it, but the Runner spits acd in his face he steps back screming in pain, he trips and goes hurtiling in to the giant fan, his body parts are found and its blamed on his carelessnes, of course Riply is sceptical about Murphys death. Not long after three prisoners (Golic, Boggs and Rains) are walking amoung the sewers lighting the candles that are set to comemorate those who died, when Boggs hears something he goes to investigate the nosie and he finds a pipe he sticks his head in only to be grabbed by the Runner mutch to the horror of the others, the rest of Rains is pulled up into the pipe where it is presumably devoured, the runner chases after the other two and grabs Boggs after killing him it hunts for Golic but is unable to find him so it runs off. Golic who is now mentally disturbed is found and is blamed for the deaths of Boggs and Golic, and is put in a straghit jacket by the fundations doctor, Clemens. late on the infrmary Ripley is talking to Clemens with golic tied to a hospital bed. Clemens admits to Ripley the reason he was placed here, at the same time the Runner drops down from the cealing and grabs Clemens it uses its inner jaw to smash through Clemens head it then looms to wards Ripley but leaves, Andrews the warden arrives but dismisses the incednt. Andrews gets all the prisoners toghether and gives a speech about the dragon (Golics nikname for the Runner) could not posibly be real, however the second he fineshes his speech the Runner eaches down and grabs Andrews it kills him splattering blood all other, afterwards the prisoners decide to take action, they dose a secluded space with higly flamible toxic waste their plan is going smoothly until one of the prisoners who happens to be smokeing a cigar is killed by the runner, the cigar falls into the liquid and it sets the place ablaze it starts blowing up more than expected killing several other inmates, one of the inmates in then split up by the Runner and the survivors, Ripley calls him back but he decideds to run letting the Xenomroph follow it dose so and Ripley tells the others to close he doors, behind them a scream is heard. Golic later escapes captivity and goes to the place the creature was locked up, he slits the gaurds throat and opens the doors, as he does so the Runner desends down on him and kills the, it then runs off into the facility, after another body is found they decide to lure it into the furnace, they use one of the prisoners to lure it and they shut the doors behind it, again the plan was going well until one of the doors fail the Runner then slaghuters all of the remaining survivorsrs minus Dillon, Murphy, Ripley and Aaron they suceed in getting the xenomroph it the metal mould but Dillon and Ripley were still stuck with it, Dillon tells Ripley to flee she climbs out and Murphy pours the molten metal killing Dillon and hopefully killing the runner, unfortantly it leaps and whilst being coverd in molten metal it attacks Ripley, it swipes at her, but Ripley turns on the sprinklers shattering the beast through thermal shock.


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