The Titans are a race of gigantic powerful deities with amazing inhuman powers. There were four in total, one for each of the four elements lythos of earth hydros of ice pyros of magma and stratos of wind who were trapped by Zeus and eventually were unleashed by hades to overthrow Zeus but were defeated and destroyed by Hercules after regaining his strength.


The Titans were the original rulers of the Earth. However they caused havoc and terror where ever they went. However the Greek king of the Gods Zeus battles them and seals them all in a cell at the bottom of the ocean, were they would be forced to remain for millions of years until the next planetary alignment.

Eventually at the peak of the next planetary alignment, Hades had released the four Titans to go on a Olympus and destroy Zeus. They soon reach and pyros and stratos use their powers to trap Zeus and it seemed hades was now the ruler of the gods before the re empowered Hercules came on Pegasus and grabs up Stratos the wind Titan and sucks up the other three and then throes them off into space where they than explode defeating the titans and foiling hades plan.

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