The Vigil is a trio of soft voiced telekinetic beings that were responsible for sacrificing the Queen of Years to the massive elder god Akhaten

The Rings of AkhatenEdit

As the current Queen of Years Merry Galel tried to escape her sacrifice, the three Vigil hunt her down for Akhaten to feast upon. However, before they can find her, Clara Oswald manages to find her and rescues her from them. She then talk Merry into accepting her fate not knowing that it would result in her death, and so when she was pulled up to the temple, she convinces the Doctor to help her save Merry. 

Later when the Doctor and Merry get some Mopeds from Dor'een so they can get to the temple, they try to save her, but the Vigil appear and try to stop them from escaping. The Doctor holds them off using his Sonic Screwdriver to battle against their sonic telekenetics. However, as Akheten had not been fed, the Vigil suddenly disappeared as Akheten had no more need for them as he awoke.


  • The three Vigil members were based upon the Cenobites from the long list of Hellraiser.
  • The original design art was based upon the character Deadlock from the 2000 AD comic stories ABC Warriors and Nemisis the Warlock.

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