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70s Zarn

The Zarn was a close to invisible creature that could be seen only by small bits of white light. apparently the zarn wass a reaseacher and was trapped here the same way the humans were, when the marshall first meet the zarn he makes a lifelike android called sharon, witch is possibly ricks wife, but the zarn causes her to selfdestruct for an unkown reason, the zarn also has a large aggresive mechanical robot named fred witch he uses as security, althogh the zarn is never really shown to be evil, he isnt paticuarlly freindly he plays triks on pepole and irritates them, although he on occasion been freindly.

2009 movieEdit


The 2009 Zarn

In the recent movie the zarn actually appears to be a red sleestak and tried to help anyone who was tricked by enik, in a hologram but was killed when relaying the hologram, holly then finds the zarn skeleton.

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