Topspin was a minor autobot and one of the wreakers from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

He, leadfoot and roadbuster, were all in charge of making the xantium spaceship when the autobots were exiled from earth. When the ship was destroyed, they had luckily built a secret compartment so they survived.


Topspin among other autobots.

Later, he joins the other autobots, in the fight of Chicago. When Optimus shoots down a decepticon shuttle, the decepticon trapped inside was ripped apart alive by Topspin and the other wreakers. Later on when
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topspin car mode

Optimus is trapped in cables above the ground, the wreakers go and help him down, but are attacked by Devacon, but after he is bombarded with fire, Topspin and friends shoot him in the head and kill him. Topspin survives through the chicago battle to fight another day.

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