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The Tracker and Berserker

The Tracker Predator is the third in command of the three yautja in the film Predators.

He is the first super predator seen in the film and uses the small but deadly predator hounds to attack the group. After the group find his camp, and the strung up predator, the tracker and his brothers attacked them. The tracker and the berserker used their plasma casters and managed to destroy Nikolia's machine gun. Later in the crashed ship, the tracker attacks them. Noland who tried to kill the others run into the tracker where he is blown to pieces by its plasma caster. The tracker then starts to toy with the group, splitting the group. Edwin who gets lost is chased by the predator and is about to be killed. Nikolia attacks him, giving time for Edwin to escape. Just before the tracker kills Nikolia, he uses some claymore mines, killing himself but taking the tracker with him.


  • The tracker is the first seen berserker yautja and is the first to be killed.
  • There is a detailed statue and figure of him, along with the falconer, the berserker and the classic.

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