A minor demon who appeared in both of the Devilman OVA's

Devilman: The BirthEdit

Shortly after Ryo Asuka had explained to origins of the demon race to Akira Fudo, they prepare to return to the Makimura residence. However before they could do so, the she demon Illuge her sonic screams to blast out the window's and immediatly after Texsch comes crashing through the cealing, they run only to see the spider demon coming the other way, they get outside and get a distance before being attacked by several other demons, after dealing with them they return to the house, they see the Spider Demon weaving a web in Ryo's Fathers Study. study, they run past but the demon notices them and chases them, Akira and Ryo get into an elevator and try to start it up, it proves troublesome to get going but it desends just before the demon reatches them. What happens to the demon afterwards is unkown.

Devilman: The Demon BirdEdit

Whilst Akira has a nightmare that was actually in turn a nightmare of Amon the demon that he had gained the powers of, he comes across the demon encased in a large block of ice alongside Jinmen and Texsch.

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