Viras's ship

Viras was the main advisary of the film Destroy All Planets. Viras wanted control of earth and discoverd gameras love of children. Viras kidnapped two young Japanese boys. Then managed to plant a mind control device in Gamera's mind. Gamera then rampaged through Japan trying to reach Tokyo. Meanwhile the two boys manage to escape viras and his pilots, and they manage to get back to land, and the mind control device in Gamera's head is destroyed, and destroys Viras's ship. Viras then kills his crew and uses their souls to enlarge to the same size as Gamera. The two fight along the sea shore, until Gamera flies up into the sky were Viras freezes in the atmosphere then Gamera drops Viras were he collides with the ground and dies.


  • Much later on Viras has a stock footage appearnce in Gamera: Super Monster.
  • He was in a four part comic series along with Zigra and Gamera.

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