The-Devil-and-Daniel-Mouse.avi snapshot 151

Weeaze Weasel was a subordanate of Beezelbub. When Beezelbub gets Jen to sign a contract in her blood, he makes Weeaze her manager. Later when Jen is a star and Dan tries to see her, he rudely tells him to leave twice without letting them see each other. Exactly a year after Jen signs the contract, Beezelbub goes to take her to hell. However, Dan proposes a trial. Weeaze acts as the judge, after Dan futilely tries to save Jen's soul. He tries one more time in a song, in which Weeaze takes part in. After Beezelbub angrilly goes back to hell without Jen, Weeaze having forgot his judge wig comes back up and grabs it before giving a polite shrug and going back down.

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