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The Ymir is the main antagonist in the 1957 film 20 Million Miles to Earth. The Ymir lived on the planet Venus with its own kind until one day when researchers from Earth arrived and took the creature back with them to Earth where they crash of the coast of Silcily and it is found out that the creature only eats Sulfur. Soon the creature grows to 10 feet high and escapes to Mount Etna Italy where the Army captures it and places it into a Zoo in Rome. However, soon the creature breaks loose and rampages through the city destroying many buildings in its path. In the end, the Ymir is killed when he climbs to the top of the roman colliseum, but is repeatedly shot with missiles and bullets, causing him to fall from the building, in a King Kong style ending.


The ymir is a green humanoid martian beast with a fleshy mouth that looks like a beard, the lower half of a T-Rex, a bristling frill and human eyes.