Amon: The Apocalypse of DevilmanEdit

She is first seen being chased down a dark alleyway by a pedophillic man, she runs into a dead end and  is cornerd and the man transforms into the demon Zuboo, before Zuboo grabs the girl and knocks off her hat revealing the demon underneath, before Zuboo can do any more damage however, Mikiko another Devilman splashes him with her acid melting the demon, but Zuboo not dead tansforms and slams Mico against a wall were and hits Yumi to the ground, luckily however Akira finds them and battle with Zuboo and kills the demon.

Later after Akira had found the dead bodies of Tare and Miki Makimura, she finds Mico and Akira in a warehouse haveing just got back from a scouting mission saying that she overheard that the Demon leader Saylos was intending to attack them, and almost imedieatly after saying this Saylos and his gang of demons crash through the roof and try to blackmail Akira into joining him, instead Akira distraught over the death of his beloved Miki unleashes Amon the demon Akira had originally gained his powers from. Amon proceeds to destroy the warehouse, in the rubble he finds Yumi out cold on the floor, he picks her up and waits for her to open her eyes before he bites her in half, ending her short life.

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