Classic Zambolar

Being one of the original Ultraman monsters and being again seen in Ultraman Powered, Zambolar is also known as the heat monster.

After the destruction of his home by clumsy builders, Zambolar awoke and went on a deadly rampage in retalliation. The monster soon turned the countyside into a blazing inferno. The science patrol had trouble finding this firey fiend but eventually he was discovered by the Science Patrol while he was destroying a chemical plant. While the fire at the plant was put out by the Science Patrol, Zambolar vanished into the forests. Once it became known that Zambolar's path of destruction was heading for Tokyo, the military was sent to try to stop the walking inferno as well. Once Zambolar was found again, the military and the Science Patrol attacked, but their weapons failed to do anything and only served to fuel Zambolar's vengeful rage as the living inferno merely marched through their attacks using his heat. Finally Ultraman stood up to face Zambolar, cutting him off and toppling him down a hill. Zambolar struck back using his heat bursts, but Ultraman managed to get the upper hand smashing Zambolar’s head into the ground repeatedly. After a relantively short battle Ultraman finally put down Zambolar, destroying the monster with the Specium Ray.

Ultraman Powered


Powered Zambolar

Zambolar was seen again in Ultraman Powered and followed the same storyline. Except the ending were Zambolar is the only monster to live in the entire series.


  • The Zambolar suit is also used for gamajakura, skydon and gavadon B.
  • There is a bandai toy of powered Zambolar.